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The pocket sole
Vibram takes on the challenge of keeping performance in a quarter of the volume and introduces the new Vibram ¼ (Vibram One Quarter).

With its special three-dimensional origami design and exclusive sole technology (Vibram LiteBase), Vibram ¼ is a lightweight, comfortable and compact shoe that is easy to carry around and perfect for travel.

A product with a modern look that will be the perfect companion for leisure, adventures in the city, and - why not - a unique gift.
Japanese design

Three-dimensional Origami Design

Key Features:

- PORTABLE: The sole features a three-dimensional origami design that makes it compact and stable.

- NATURAL COMFORT: Despite being collapsible, it maintains the comfort of a traditional shoe. The bamboo insole increases comfort and promotes cooling.

- MINIMALISM AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Uses Vibram LITEBASE technology with Gumlite, significantly reducing thickness and weight without compromising grip and traction. The base is 50% thinner than traditional soles, reducing overall weight by 30%.

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