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Born to innovate


Nature is the first test bed for Vibram which over the years faced all the challenges by testing each product. Performances in terms of security, multidisciplinary applications, strict stress test, passion for the challenge: these are the principles that lead Vibram brand from 1937 to nowadays.
In contact with nature since our origins
Men are naturally drawn to nature; sometimes to explore and discover, sometimes with a desire to escape. This is also why many sports and outdoor entertainment disciplines originated. Mountaineering is one of the oldest, documented since the times of Herodotus and Sallust. Vibram was born from an innovation in the mountaineering field, which continued its innovation designing performance soles, ranging from various outdoor disciplines, from mountaineering, climbing or trekking, to running, through mountain biking, golf and water sports, such as sailing or fishing; promoting, in addition to soles, new technologies, innovative concepts and more sustainable lifestyles. Today, the new generations are approaching outdoor activities accompanied by shared values: first of all, respect for the environment, a healthy lifestyle, preferring green mobility and reused materials.
Tested where it matters
This is the Vibram claim that well describes one of the intrinsic characteristics of Vitale Bramani and the company he founded.
Between 1936 and 1937, the year of the conquest of Pizzo Badile with Vibram soles, Vitale himself, with his wife Maria and mountaineering friends, tests the first prototypes of the Carrarmato sole several times. After each test, the product improves. Over the years, Vibram has developed and expanded the concept and the importance of testing to improve the performance of its soles before making them available on the market. In 1999, the Vibram Tester Team is thus born, a group of professionals experienced in outdoor disciplines and activities, with the aim of testing Vibram products in the most difficult and prohibitive situations. Over time, the Tester Team has also evolved, enriching itself with a more scientific approach thanks to the use of technical tools.
From 1937 to today Vibram has innovate time
Challenges are part of everyone's life and in some cases they embody its essence. Vitale Bramani knows this very well. Since he is a child he is driven by the desire of going beyond his limits: at six he climbed the balconies of his home, at fourteen he began to climb mountains, responding to the need to test his tenacity and willpower.
Vibram's history seems closely linked to the idea of ​​challenge. In 1954 the Italian mountaineers conquer K2 wearing Vibram soles; in the 1960s, Vitale Bramani takes the risk, which proved to be a winner, of exporting the licenses to produce Vibram soles overseas, first in Argentina, then in the USA, until he reaches eleven dealers in a few years. The challenge of 1994 is to produce more environmentally sustainable soles: Ecostep is the sole with 30% recycled rubber. In 2004, the test to pass is to revolutionize the way of walking with Vibram FiveFingers, which gives the sensation of walking barefoot, but with the functional protection of a high-performance sole.
Security is in our DNA
It was an accident in the mountains that sparked Vitale Bramani's desire to find a solution to make going to the mountains safer. In fact, very unsafe shoes and their slippery soles were the starting point for the study and then the production of the Carrarmato sole, a sole that, as Vitale himself would say, “Ensures maximum safety on all types of terrain”.
Over the years, Vibram has increasingly raised its safety standards with regard to soles, and not only in the sports field. Thirty years after the invention of the Carrarmato sole, in 1967, Vitale Bramani launches the Security sole on the market: a name, a guarantee; thanks to a slip-resistant nitrile-based compound and lamellae inserted on the classic Carrarmato sole, Vibram Security is the first sole guaranteed for life that allows Vibram to enter the safety market. In the following years, there are various examples of Vibram soles and technologies that make safety one of the fundamental characteristics, such as the Vibram Arctic Grip compound, a real innovation in terms of grip on icy surfaces, especially on wet ice, to obtain greater protection during winter excursions; and feeling safe also helps to overcome one's limits.
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