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Trail Running

Riccardo MONTANI

1992, Italy
Born and grow up on Orta lake, in the north of Italy close to the Alps, physiotherapist during the week, Riccardo always have been fascinated by the rules that carachterize the nature and the human body finding into trail running and sky running the perfect balance between his interests: "I run beacause it makes me feel well, free and light, but I also love to take part the the races.
I'm competitive and I want to push my limits to discover what i can reach". This mentality brought him to take part at two World Championship with the Italian trail running national team and three with Skyrunning, proving to be one of the strongest Italian runners.

2023 1st

Ultra Trail del Moscato 53km (ITA)

2022 20th

World Mountain & Trail Running Championship - Long Trail 80K

2022 1st

Vibram Maremontana 60km (ITA)

2022 7th

Eiger Ultra trail by UTMB 100km

2021 7th