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Item SP18IC01_Black
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Item SP18IC01_Black

Portable Performance Sole Black

€ 55,00

Vibram Portable Performance Sole powered by Vibram Arctic Grip is the first Portable Sole ever created by Vibram to increase the grip on wet ice. Wet ice is one of the worst condition to walk on, Vibram Arctic Grip technology makes you walk and feel safer on it. Specifically designed to be folded, Vibram Portable Performance Sole can be packed and unpacked in just a movement making the product very fast to be used when necessary.

WE CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION: Buying this product you will be asked for subscribing a newsletter and answering a performance evaluation survey. All people sending back the survey will receive a bonus/discount on a further purchase on Vibram site.


This product will not prevent slipping on cold, slick, wet, icy, or snowy surfaces. Always tread with care. This product does not replace use of crampons or spikes. This product is not intended for use on, and may harm, indoor surfaces.