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Ultra Trail

Gediminas GRINIUS

1979, Lithuania
Life isn’t failure, but rather the gift to celebrate. However, Gediminas learned this lesson in the hard way. Being military guy and serving on a few missions didn’t end up as it was meant to finish and he returned home damaged. PTSD was the “gift” which he brought from those military tours and in order to cope with it he started to run. The further and longer he went the better person he turned into. Running become his healer & teacher, it changed him and opened totally different chapter of his life, life which he's living and breathing right now. Gediminas joined Trailrunning Team Vibram in 2016 and have been peaking in his running career since then with the major win of Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT) champion title in 2016 and becoming UTWT overall ranking leader in 2017.

2019 1st

Wasatch front 100miles (USA)

2019 6th

Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race (HKG)

2018 5th

Marathon des Sables Maroc (MAR)

2018 1st

Mt. Gaoligong Ultra 100 Miles (CHN)

2017 1st

Cappadocia 110 km Ultra Trail (TUR)

2017 8th

Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc (UTMB) (FRA)

2017 4th

MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115 km (POR)

2017 1st

Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan (UTMT) 100 Mile (HKG)

2016 2nd

UTMB - Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc (FRA)

2016 2nd

LUT - Lavaredo Ultra Trail (ITA)

2016 2nd

Transgrancanaria 125 km (ESP)