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Give your shoes a second life: resole with Vibram
Even a small contribution from just one person can make a difference in our collective environmental impact. Resole with Vibram: give your shoes a second life.
Vibram promotes the "Repair If You Care" project with the aim of encouraging consumers to reuse and repair their footwear.
Instead of discarding them, Vibram invites everyone to participate in the initiative, emphasizing that repair is a valuable opportunity to reduce waste and a conscious choice linked to sustainability. it is possible to extend the products lifecycle, customize them, and reuse them simply by visiting the network of certified Vibram cobblers.

Any shoe can be resoled by our expert cobblers, based on individual preferences and usage needs, ranging from casual and elegant shoes to footwear for various sports activities.
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NNormal and Vibram join together to restore your shoes.


NNormal shoes can now be resoled and repaired by selected and authorized Vibram cobblers.

The outsole manufacturing company trains cobblers across the world to work on various models of shoes and among them, chose the best ones in France, Italy, and Spain, specially selected to resole NNormal shoes and to repair certain components of the shoes as they start to break down. This in turn will extend the life of the whole shoe. We’re excited to continue growing the program with footwear brands to spread and make the message even stronger.

  • The campaign:
  • A cobbler tale

Any shoe can be resoled by expert cobblers, from casual shoes to outdoors and sports footwear. The Vibram sole becomes the protagonist: a style and performance detail that makes the difference.
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