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Vibram Carrarmato


The future passed by here
For over 80 years, since the creation of the first rubber sole for mountaineering “the Carrarmato”, Vibram has been a guarantee of quality and performance, innovation and design. Designed in 1937 by Vitale Bramani to satisfy the need to raise levels of safety and protection in the mountains, our soles, featuring their unmistakable yellow octagon, are now destined for the world of outdoors, safety at work, lifestyle, orthopaedics and repair.
    • Our Roots

    • Milan and the mountains represented for Vitale Bramani, and still represents for Vibram, a forge of opportunities and the place of choice.
    • Vibram On Top

    • Higher and higher. Step by step from the Alps to Himalaya, Vibram is with you on the top of the world.
    • Our Principles

    • Nature is the first test bed for Vibram which over the years faced all the challenges by testing each product.
    • Our Iconic Soles

    • Discover the iconic trademarks that changed forever outdoor and design world.

vibram’S HISTORY

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