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Our Iconic Soles

Discover the iconic trademarks that changed forever outdoor and design world. A long story made of passion, creativity, commitment and innovation. The passion for the mountain and alpinism of the founder, Vitale Bramani; the creativity to design new products and solutions; the commitment to test and improve during the years; and the innovation of a revolutionary idea. These elements have shaped the Vibram’s sole since 1937.
The first rubber sole for mountaineering since 1937.
The Carrarmato sole represents the first innovative Vibram signature: a real revolution for mountaineering. Vitale Bramani designs, tests and patents it. Profoundly stricken by the tragic event on Rasica pick, Vitale begins an incessant search to raise safety levels in the mountains; attributing part of what happened to unsuitable shoes, he seeks a solution for a sole that could encompass the grip of the mountain shoes and the strength of spiked mountain boots. His ingenious intuition consists in replacing the heavy iron studs of the soles of boots with resistant rubber lugs. After numerous tests in 1937, Vitale Bramani, with Ettore Castiglioni, conquers the North-West face of Pizzo Badile, using one of the first Carrarmato sole sample. The technological innovation of the first Vibram sole consists in the combination of rubber, used as a material, with the iconic and functional tank (a carrarmato) design.
Since 1967 the yellow logo represents a quality mark.
The choice of the octagon is a tribute to Milan and to the origins of the company; in fact, its shape recalls the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the heart of the city.
Vibram's typical tendency to innovate is also confirmed in the rapid graphic evolution of its logo. In the beginning, Vibram is the name that Vitale used to sign his articles in mountaineering magazines, then it becomes the name for the first sports equipment store. The logo of the store will be precisely the word Vibram with the peak of the Matterhorn, enclosed within a triangle. Since 1947, the Vibram name has been enclosed in the octagonal shape, while in 1967, the entire octagonal logo, which originally was the same colour as the soles, is coloured with the characteristic golden yellow, like the innovative “Marca Oro” compound, which still identifies the company and its products today.
The first foot glove since 2002.
Among the 100 best inventions of 2007 for Time Vibram FiveFingers is a “foot glove” which, with its innovative concept and unusual aesthetics, revolutionises the idea of ​​walking, giving the sensation of a bare foot, but with functional protection. With Vibram FiveFingers, the sole becomes increasingly thin and with organic shapes, almost one with the foot itself, which thus recovers its maximum sensorial perception and freedom of movement. The need to get closer to the ground was already in the mind of Vitale Bramani who in 1935 writes in the CAI journal La Rivista: “And therefore, crawling, I long for the primitive technique of Valmasino's guides, who climbed barefoot”. In 2002, Vibram FiveFingers is presented for the first time, addressing an outdoor audience, but shortly afterwards several models are designed to guarantee protection in different environments and terrains.
A design icon, winner of ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award in 2018.
Named after the Japanese art of Furoshiki (wrapping something up), this wrapping sole, conceived thanks to the collaboration with Isao Hosoe Design, has been launched in 2015, winning the Grand Award for Design in Asia Awards 2017and the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award in 2018. This wrapping sole practically envelops the foot, guaranteeing a personalized fit and exceptional comfort for feet of any shape. There are four key concepts that define Vibram Furoshiki: portable, easy on, multi-use and multi-fit, making it perfect for anyone seeking practical, comfortable footwear for leisure time, everyday use and travel.
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