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Zhong Yinqiang

Zhong is a passionate climber, but also a fanatic outdoor sports enthusiasts, began to climb in 2017, four years from no foundation to complete the 5.14 difficulty route, won many Chinese climbing competition rankings, his climbing footprints involve sports climbing, traditional climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering, his dream is to become a more comprehensive climber. Completing more difficult routes and climbing higher mountains, climbing was the love of his life, either at rock climbing or on the way to rock climbing, that's Jerry. 

2019 National College Climbing Championships, 2nd in female Group C, 3rd in difficulty group, 4th in racing group. 

2018 Guangzhou Open Tournament, female professional group, 7th. 

2017 Arc' teryx's Boulder Competition in Sanlitun, 1st. 

2016 Shanghai Climbing Championship, female professional group, 5th.