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Vibram Litebase and Vibram Megagrip equipped the brand new Kjerag shoe.

Vibram and NNormal teamed up in a unique partnership

Vibram Litebase and Vibram Megagrip equipped the brand new Kjerag shoe

Made with the highest-quality materials, cutting-edge technologies, planet-friendly production processes, Kjerag is a 200 gr. versatile shoe with 6mm. drop. The shock absorbance and stability are hugely impressive and it is designed to follow the natural movement of the foot, which helps prevent muscle fatigue and adapts to every runner. It is a top performance shoe, created for all types of runners and road.

The Vibram Litebase outsole drastically reduces the overall sole weight (by up to 30), through a reduction of the sole thickness by 50%, while retaining the perfect shape and 3.5mm lugs.

Snowy boulders, wet roots, muddy paths – whatever you're tackling, Vibram Megagrip is both super-sticky and extra-durable. With ground adaptation that makes your feet, muscles and joints one with nature. The grip is formed by 50 cleats, with a fast profile of 3.5mm that gives priority to speed as well as sensitivity to the terrain. All cleats have between 6 and 8 angles, and are strategically located to promote grip during propulsion, control at the lateral supports, and retention on technical descents.