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Your connection to earth
For Vibram being sustainable means embracing the innovative vision of its founder and continuing his journey by offering a safe, durable and comfortable product that encourages people to overcome their limits. Vibram The Sustainable Way is a promise to continue our activities respecting people and the environment and to keep learning and improving what we do, so that the journey on our beautiful planet and in nature, so beloved by our customers and the entire Vibram family, can continue for a long time, for everyone
Paolo Manuzzi - Vibram Global General Manager.
Our approach - “The Sustainable Way” - is a plan to improve sustainability performance, specifically focusing on those activities and projects that guardantee economic growth, whilst respecting people and the planet.
For Vibram, “The Sustainable Way” challenge is a priority. Why? Because with this program Vibram has formally committed to understanding what sustainability means for the company and putting it into practice both in terms of strategy and daily operations. With a firm conviction: that this is the path to follow to enrich Vibram’s market leadership with other values.
The principles of respect and collaboration that we find in the world of sport and a connection to nature are all part of our DNA, pushing us to act responsibly toward people and the environment.

Over time, this spontaneous attitude evolved to become structured into a concrete commitment to integrating sustainability into all areas and activities of our business, with the goal of reducing our negative impacts to a minimum and generating benefits for society and the planet.
The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development laid down a programme that includes 17 goals, called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and their 169 targets to reach by 2030. “The Sustainable Way” contributes to this agenda: hereby the most relevant Goals.

six pillars of sustainability

Our vision is to provide confidence, inspiration and innovation to every individual and athlete. For us at Vibram, sustainability does not travel on separate tracks from those of true business, but rather it is a dimension that is integrated into doing business. Our “The Sustainable Way” approach is a purposeful plan for the improvement of sustainability performance. It consists of 6 pillars and details the activities and projects to be pursued to ensure economic growth while being respectful of people and the planet.

      The first EPD for an industrial sole

    • We performed an ISO 14025-compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of the TRONT compound Fourà sole. A third party registered with the International EPD System programme validated this study, which is the first case of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for an industrial sole. The study allowed us to obtain a detailed assessment of the environmental footprint of the Fourà model: the cradle-to-gate manufacturing phase of a pair of TRONT soles created at the Albizzate production facility releases approximately 1.94kg of CO2 or approximately 7% of the carbon footprint of a leather shoe.
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