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Item 22U4B_Green
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Tropical Carrarmato
Item 22U4B_Green

Tropical Mok Canvas Green

€ 89,00
Comfort is what we are all looking for. The Tropical Moc is a shoe that will provide you with confidence inherent on Vibram soles, while providing comfort at the same time. The Campana Brothers have colloborated with us to design the Vibram Tropical Carrarmato sole, to globally celebrate Vibram’s most iconic the most used sole in a shoe. The acclaimed designers from São Paulo (Brazil) Fernando and Humberto Campana have used the Vibram Tropical Carrarmato sole for creating unisex and contemporary-for-look sandals with exceptional high-performance features, thanks to the sole’s dual material compound composition. The legendary Vibram Carrarmato lug sole with its rubber hobnails conceived by the brilliant mind of its founder Vitale Bramani to conquer the world’s highest summits in total security has been crystallized into the very essence of its function by being transformed into one of the southern hemisphere’s most popular types of footwear: the sandals. The result is a pair of mok that will win the hearts of mountaineers as well as the “man on the street”, offering the utmost quality, comfort and safety. Carrarmato lug design, the most iconic Vibram design Softness, lightness and super comfort on the footbed Grip & durability on the bottom