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Lock System Sandal
Item LSS_ChampagneLunar
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Item LSS_ChampagneLunar

Lock System Sandal Champagne / Lunar

€ 149,00

It is expression of comfort and simplicity. Its eclectic nature makes it suitable for any use and completes any outfit, even the most sophisticated ones. It is a product that speaks the language of sustainability and customization, while totally embracing contemporary instances.

Thanks to the EVA midsole and the few components the product is light and comfortable to wear.

The product can be entirely disassembled. It is recyclable in all its parts at end-of-life.

Created with recycled materials and no use of adhesives or solvents.


  • UPPER (leather)
  • Midsole/sole (HAE Hard EVA) + antimicrobial footbed
  • TPU cage