Ultra trail

Maite Maiora Elizondo

1980, Spain
Maite spent all her entire life in the mountains, practicing climbing, ski, snowboard, alpinism and not only. As passionate Basque she went to see the Zegama Aizkorri mountain marathon being surprised how people can do a such effort, becoming in this way a dream and at the same time a goal to achieve. So at 26 years old she started to run and after few months she tried for the first time a Vertical Kilometer, than an mountain half marathon till to take the start of her dream race, the Zegama Aizkorri and win it. What Maite loves most is to train spending time alone in the mountains with her thoughts, focusing just on her breath and her sensations listening her body, results are just the consequence of her love and passion for mountain, proof of her genuine love is that in her achievements there are victories in any kind of races, from the most technical, to the marathon passing from the ultra trails. In this kind of races she’s actually has her next dream, win the UTMB.
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Ultra Skyrunning® World champion

2019 3rd

Ultra-Trail World Tour®

2019 3rd

UTMB Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc®


Sky Extreme world champion

2017 1ª

Zegama-Aizkorri (woman record)

2017 1ª

Tromsø Skyrace (woman record)

2017 1ª

Ultra Pirineu


Sky Marathon World Champion


Vertical Kilometer vice-champion


Spanish Champion Vertical Kilometer


Mountain Running Spanish champion