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Higher and higher. Step by step from the Alps to Himalaya, Vibram is with you on the top of the world. Born from the passion for the mountain and the alpinism of the founder Vitale Bramani, Vibram sole has been a fundamental actor of many mountain feats, from the Italian peaks in Dolomites to the world's hardest mountain to be conquered: the K2. Challenge after challenge, Vibram is part of the story of the alpinism.
The embleme of the mountains
The embleme of the mountains boast numerous peaks over 4000 meters - Mont Blanc, the highest, is 4807 meters high - and extend from west to east for about 1200 km.
These are Vitale Bramani’s mountains, this is the land where his passion for mountaineering takes shape, and it is here that his intuition leads him to invent the Carrarmato sole.
He explored both the Western and Eastern Alps, in particular with Ettore Castiglioni as a rope partner: the Cima d'Angheràz on the Pale di San Martino, the Torre di Roces in the Sella Group and in 1937 the 3308 meters of the north-west face of Pizzo Badile in Val Bragaglia, successfully testing the first Vibram Carrarmato sole.
From that moment on, the Vibram (soles) will be the support of the most important achievements in the Alps: from the Grandes Jorasses by Riccardo Cassin in 1938, to the Petit Dru by Walter Bonatti in 1955.
Italy is on the top of the world
On 31 July 1954, the Italian expedition, sponsored by CAI and led by Ardito Desio, is the first to climb all the 8611 meters of the K2, the second highest peak in the world. A conquest that tastes like victory, not only for the mountaineering world but for all of Italy.
“It was the greatest of the last surviving opportunities that the Earth offered to measure our strength of mind, the most daring challenge of the small man to the immensity of wild, hostile and unknown Nature”. These are the words of Dino Buzzati which appeared in the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera on August 4th,1954. The climbers had the best possible equipment, including Dolomite boots with Vibram soles of different types: travel, trekking to base camp, approach, ascent to the first high altitude camps, final sprint to the summit. (Vibram soles are also worn by the US expedition that in 1978 reaches the summit of K2, for the first time without oxygen).
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