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Item 1149S_CoalBlack
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Item 1149S_CoalBlack

Carrarmato Ecostep Natural Sole Coal Black

€ 39,00
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Where do we start? We always start at the top, because by understanding the technical needs of outdoor, it allows us to create even greater innovations. We're fortunate at Vibram because we work with the best athletes, whether it's Hervé Barmasse or Gediminas Grinius or Stefano Ruzza. These athletes not only inspire us, but they actually collaborate with us. The Carrarmato sole is a perfect example. The Carrarmato sole represents the first innovative Vibram signature driven by athletes. Vitale Bramani actually designed, tested and patented the product. In 1935, a sudden change in the weather prevented a group of hikers from reaching the refuge. The climbing shoes on their feet froze and did not take hold, forcing them to take shelter in a ravine in the rock; unfortunately, six of them froze to death. Profoundly stricken by this event, Vitale Bramani began an incessant search to raise safety levels in the mountains. Attributing part of what happened to unsuitable shoes, he searched for a solution with a sole that could encompass the grip of the mountain shoes and the strength of hobnailed mountain boots. The technological innovation of the first Vibram sole consisted the combination of rubber, used as a material, with the iconic and functional tank (a carrarmato) design. And for the first time ever, we want to give you the opportunity to buy the sole in Ecostep Natural (>90% natural ingredient).

To have the soles installed onto your favorite pair of shoes, access our SHOE REPAIR LOCATOR to connect with the shoe repair shop closest to you.


  • Ecostep Natural, sole rubber compound, features:

    • Made with +90% of natural ingredients
    • Quality, grip, durability and performance maintained
    • Unique color from 100% natural pigments