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Item W99_v2_GreenBeige
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Women's FiveFingers
Item W99_v2_GreenBeige

CVT LB Women's Green / Beige

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Designed for FiveFingers users who are seeking a close connection with the ground with every step, CVT LB is one of our thinnest, grippiest, most lightweight and comfortable FiveFingers ever. A soft hemp upper is forged with the best of Vibram outsole technology: Megagrip for grip on wet and dry surfaces; Litebase to reduce weight and thickness. The soft and comfortable hemp upper is lightweight and breathable. It combines with the minimalist outsole to form one of our most lightweight FiveFingers yet.

Created for minimalists and those who love to feel every step they take, CVT LB features an innovative outsole with grippy lugs that improve traction, yet also provide continual sensory stimulation to the foot due to the innate thinness of the sole. This is the power of combining Megagrip with Litebase to make such an advanced outsole.


  • Men's 43= 3.6 oz.
  • Women's 38=2.6 oz.
  • Insole: Canvas Sockliner
  • Midsole: N/A
  • Insole: Canvas Sockliner; Midsole: N/A; Rubber Compound: Megagrip, Litebase; Rubber Thickness: 3.1mm
  • Hemp Mesh material
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry