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Snowboard freeride

Michael MAWN

1999, USA
Currently based out of Bozeman, MT, Michael Mawn is a competitive snowboarder representing the U.S. on the Freeride World Tour. After sustaining a brain injury while training in the halfpipe, Michael transitioned to Freeride. Since then, he's won the North American Title twice and finished 7th in the World rankings in 2021. In addition to snowboarding, he is an avid public speaker and small business owner. His passion to spread the love of Freeride keeps him motivated to showcase his personal riding style on the world stage.

2021 2nd

Freeride World Qualifier WQ 2021 Crested Butte IFSA FWQ 4*

2021 1st

Freeride World Qualifier 2021 Snowbird IFSA FWQ 4*

2020 1st

Freeride World Qualifier 2020 Kicking Horse IFSA FWQ 4*