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WRAP TECH Orange Orange

The new Vibram Wrap Tech is characterised by extreme levels of grip thanks to the Vibram Megagrip compound used for construction, by lightness and slimness thanks to the use of Vibram Litebase Technology, as well as by side protection provided by the continuity of the sole which wraps aound the upper part of the footwear, designing and costructing to the shoe itself.

With this new concept, the sole becomes an even more prominent part of the footwear, both in terms of perfornmance and functionality and as a design feature which defines a style which is anti-conventional, daring and capable of providing the shoe with a unique personality.



Extreme grip thanks to Vibram Megagrip compound

Unparalleled lightness and thinnes thanks to Vibram Litebase technology

Side protection provided by Vibram Wrapping Sole Design

Unconventional look and sustainable approach based on significant waste reduction.


All Vibram Concept products are currently classified as prototypes created for the Vibram Tester Team. These products are not yet approved for full production, but they are functional. For this reason, they are unique, well-designed, innovative and creative models. Vibram fans can purchase them at their discretion. These products cannot be returned for any reason.