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Vibram Movie


The Recovery Adventure
The sporting and human reconnexion adventure of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The GR20 is the renowned high route that traverses the untamed landscape of Corsica from North to South—a highly challenging journey covering approximately 180km with an altitude difference exceeding 12,000m. It is a favored destination among extreme trekking enthusiasts. On June 19, 2023, four military members, including two war-wounded individuals and two guides, embarked on an expedition along the GR20. They operated semi-autonomously, relying solely on refuges for lunches, carrying bivouac equipment, and all necessities to confront 16 days of trekking.

The awareness-raising project, conceived and led by Christopher Saint Alme, a French army lieutenant, ultratrailer, and Team Vibram athlete, aims to provide testimony in support of soldiers grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Vibram is particularly pleased to endorse this project, which is deeply infused with human values, determination, and solidarity. It stands as a source of inspiration for those navigating challenging moments in their lives.
Technical Features

Duration: 24.52 minutes
Original Language: French
Subtitled Versions: English, French, Italian

Directed by: Alessandro Beltrame

Produced by: Alessandro Beltrame AGB Studio Video -

Conceived by: Christopher Saint Alme

Produced by: Vibram

Starring: Ben, Yann, Chris, David

Partners: ONACVG, La France Mutualiste, Banque Francaise Mutualiste, MCDEF, G7

Project Management: Jérôme Bernard

Screenplay: Roberta Orsenigo
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