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I have been running competitively since 2012. Initially I was getting injured a lot, so in 2014 I started to work on learning proper running technique and switched to Vibram FiveFingers. Since then my injury rate has sharply decreased (I have been injury free for over 6 years now) and my performance has improved greatly. As an added benefit from wearing Vibram FiveFingers my posture has also improved and my legs get less sore/recover quicker.

My favorite training shoes are the V-Trail. They are very durable, yet light and responsive, which makes them well-suited for both road and trail running. For road racing and especially for marathons I prefer the V-Run as they are very light, yet with just the right mix of ground feel and cushioning.


Ivaylo has won all 8 ultramarathons he has competed in (to include 5 wins at the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie 50 Miler), in addition to winning a couple regular (26.2 mile) marathons.

He holds the 50 Mile State Record for North Carolina and the 6-Hour National Record for Bulgaria (Ivo is a dual-citizen) and was just invited by the Bulgarian Ultrarunning Association to compete on the Bulgarian Ultra National Team at the upcoming European and World Championships

Ivaylo’s 50-Mile PR is 5:14:21 (pace of 6:17/mi) set at last year's Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie and currently is #1 Nationally Ranked in the US (and the entire N. America)