From Carrarmato to biomechanical swing


The record setting sole

How can we mention Vibram without referring to the legendary Carrarmato sole? A true international icon, the Carrarmato has been promoting Vibram quality and reliability for over 70 years.
Some of Carrarmato's records:

- the first mountain climbing sole
- the only sole that has climbed all the top peaks in the world
- the most manufactured and sold sole in the world

A number of Vibram soles were inspired by the original Carrarmato including Roccia, Montagna, Himail, Saas Maor, Marmolada, Jankuat and Breithorn. Made of solid rubber (for trekking, mountain climbing, work and safety) or rubber foam (for casual wear, walking and orthopedics), the Carramato's design is constantly evolving. With star or spiral lugs, with or without high shims, with round or square tips, every Carrarmato has its own specific character and responds to specific needs. Considered the invention that revolutionized the way we climb mountains, the Vibram Carrarmato is still the preferred sole of mountain climbers worldwide.

The biomechanical “swing”

Vibram Monster is a concept sole, the result of advanced research with
the most important international institutes of biomechanic research.
Its purpose is to supply the maximum level of comfort and safety
even under the most extreme conditions.

Monster's internal structure was designed to ensure and emphasize the natural movement of the foot. The areas of the tread with the most contact with the ground are raised and oriented in such a way to perfectly follow the natural sequence of the foot while walking. Because of this, the three dynamic phases of touch down, stance and take off are realized in the correct way, with more natural motion, saving energy and giving more control.

The multilayer technology for trail running

Vibram Faster is a multilayer sole that contains a very elastic, dynamic profile that has been moved forward to guarantee high-level performance. Faster is suitable for a variety of sport that require thrust, stability and support.

Layer 1: the dual density rubber tread.
Thanks to the exclusive Vibram 2CM (Two Color Molding) technology we were able to combine different colors and types of rubber . The black compound has great grip and presents high resistance for maximum thrust, while the lighter, gray compound guarantees a high level of sensitivity. The sole's grip is optimized by microinserts that secure themselves to the ground.
Layer 2: the semi rigid TPU insert.
The risk of torsion is reduced thanks to the support supplied by a semi rigid insert which controls lateral stability. Even in the most extreme situations, the foot does not bend and stays in position for its next step.
Layer 3: the EVA dual density wedge.
The upper part includes EVA thermo form to assure a perfect bond with the shoe upper. The dual density EVA is extremely light and presents a high degree of shock absorption during jumping and fast downhill motion. Moreover, it bends the shoe shaping forward, facilitating dynamic movement while running.

Sometimes sliding is better

The VSM system was developed and patented by Vibram for Supermotard,
a form of racing in which the racer's boots frequently remain in contact with
the track. Obviously, this is very taxing on the rider's boots. The sole is made
of rubber and include spaces into which “sliders” are screwed. VSM is the
only system capable of offering a complete range of performance:
- Boot Protection: The best position and shape of the sliders were studied to prevent the boot and sole from touching the track. Only the sliders, which are easily replaceable, wear out. The boots are protected, as well as the driver's wallet.
- Control: The sliders are available in three versions WET (made of rubber for grip on wet surfaces), DRY (made of reinforced nylon, for greater wear resistance), and RACING (made of a hybrid material, for a balance between grip and resistance). Drivers may set their boots according to the atmospheric conditions and their driving style, choosing more or less grip and more or less protection, while always maintaining the equipment's high level of control.
- Adaptability: The VSM system may be installed on all types of boots. Once the Vibram sole has been applied by a specialized shoe repairer, the driver may easily replace the worn sliders with just a few turns of a screwdriver. Since its introduction to the market, Vibram VSM has asserted itself in the Supermotard world, winning the world title in 2007 under the boots of the drivers Adrien Chareyre and Gerald Delepine of Team Husqvarna.

As thin as air

Born from innovative mechanical and physical principles, Vibram SpiderWeb is a thin rubber interweaving made of many interlaced threads whose architecture and design resembles a spiderweb. The surface of Vibram SpiderWeb is over 30% perforated. Between the rubber threads there is nothing but air, which allows the foot to breathe freely.

They provide elasticity and grip. They are wear-resistant and space-saving. They provide aeration and lightness. There are many distinguishing characteristics of this extremely unique product, whose applications range from a shoe's upper to clothing, purses and suitcases. SpiderWeb, when applied to the light shoes designed for freeclimbing, presents a larger surface for grip, while leaving the foot free to breathe: a perfect response to the new needs of the modern climber.