Vibram partner of Melloblocco

A Vibram® Resole Service at the International Bouldering Meeting.

Vibram is a partner of the Melloblocco event, the largest bouldering meeting in the world, from 3 to 6 May 2012. In northern Italy, thousands of climbers from around the world will meet.

During the Melloblocco, you can deposit your shoes at the Vibram® Resole Service. A Vibram®-certified professional resoler will put on a new sole with the Vibram® compound of your choice and provide technical advice. During the evening, there will be an informal workshop for interested persons on "Shoe Resoling Techniques, by Vibram®".



The summits around Melloblocco are the very same ones where everything started for VIBRAM® 75 years ago. The Punta Rasica is the site of an Alpine tragedy in 1936 that drove the mountaineer from Milan, Vitale Bramani, to invent the famous Vibram® sole. Ever since, the mountains have been a link between sporting exploits and human adventure for Vibram®. At the Melloblocco event, Vibram® will celebrate the symbolic and historic site with an exceptional showing of its film, The Extraordinary Story, which looks back at the participation of the Vibram® Trail-running Team in the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® 2011.


See the poster of the event in the DOWNLOADS section.

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